Meet Owner Steve Schwister

Pilot, Engineer, Outdoorsman

Company owner Steve Schwister brings his passion for aviation, his engineering and business experience, and his love of the outdoors to TrickAir.

Steve’s interest in aviation was sparked as a child when his uncle took him flying in his 1947 Luscombe 8E. He learned to fly while studying engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and he later earned private and commercial certificates and an instrument rating. In recent years, he acquired and restored the same Luscombe and still flies it today.

Steve worked his way through college spending summers on fishing boats in Alaska, pulling in salmon and halibut to pay tuition. His love of adventure grew during his time in the 49th State, where he flew into remote strips for fun, enjoyed backpacking, and explored trails on his mountain bike.

Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota, Steve worked at an aerospace company designing test equipment for manufacture of commercial and military aviation components. From there, he moved into biomedical engineering, developing implantable medical devices that treat people suffering from heart arrhythmias.

Steve and wife Kathy acquired TrickAir in December 2015 and moved manufacturing and management to Forest Lake, Minnesota. “We are committed to designing and building innovative, quality, high-performance products for pilots to access their own adventures. We are proud that TrickAir skis are made in the USA,” said Steve.

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