Tail Ski

Enhanced Protection and Flotation

The TrickAir Tail Ski enhances flotation when operating in deep snow and reduces drag for shortened take-off roll. In deep or crusty snow conditions, the tail ski protects the tail-wheel assembly, beacons, and antenna mounted on the aircraft belly by keeping the wheel above the crust layer. The added flotation also aids in turning heavy-tailed aircraft.

The wheel-penetration design allows you to operate equally well on paved runways and deep backcountry powder.

The Trickair tail ski is designed to be installed on aircraft equipped with Scott 3200/ 3200A or the Alaskan Bushwheel ABI-3200/3200A tail wheel.

As with all TrickAir skis, the tail ski is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber vinylester composite materials that are stronger than steel and aluminum but a fraction of the weight.

Gross Weight

200 lbs.

Tire Size:

6” Scott 3200

  • Carbon fiber and E-glass with PVC foam core
  • UHMW polyethylene base

Marine-grade gel coat in Brilliant White, Torch Red, or Cub Yellow

Aircraft Make Aircraft Model Price Installation Manuals
Tailwheel aircraft Equiped with Scott 3200/3200A or the Alaskan Bushwheel ABI-3200/3200A tail wheel $795 TrickAir-Tailski-Install-Procedure
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